2 thoughts on “Exposed”

  1. Another insightful and beautiful post Mark. I appreciate your vulnerability and your willingness to share how this child has affected every aspect of you life.

    Within a month of my son being diagnosed with ADSL I told my husband we needed to get in therapy immediately to proactively protect ourselves and our marriage. We definitely have not regretted this. The most powerful thing I think we have learned is to show appreciation. We thank each other for all the mundane things that we do everyday. I say thank you for my husband cooking dinner or giving Cyrus his medicine. He thanks me every time I feed Cyrus or give him a bath or wake up with him in the middle of the night. These little thank you’s go a long way in making you each feel appreciated. This doesn’t allow resentment to build up – or at least not as quickly! Haha!

    I would also recommend any marriage book by John Gottman (I read his book called “Baby Makes Three”). He’s like the absolute expert in marriage. He’s done enough longitudinal studies that he can watch a couple interact for 10 minutes and predict with 98% accuracy if they’ll still be together in ten years. His basic findings are that the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is HOW they communicate when they are unhappy and HOW they communicate when they fight. His latest research has been to see if he can take an unhealthy marriage and train them in how to fight “better” to see if they can change their course. He’s been really successful from my understanding. I read through “Baby Makes Three” and it has all these little exercises in it to talk out with your spouse. It has been enlightening for Kyle and I.

    Much love to you and yours!


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