Broken Expectations

9 thoughts on “Broken Expectations”

  1. Sarah, your babies are beautiful. Thanks to you and Mark for clearing up the questions and rumors, we added you to our prayer list long ago and asked everyone we knew about updates. We felt it inappropriate to ask, we just knew that prayer was requested and that means all who know and love your family unify in prayers for Willa and her family. My heart aches, I don’t have words to express my feelings, I hurt for you all and you know that I love Jane Reynolds beyond words. Jack, too. My prayers continue, love you all, Brenda/Don Wales


  2. Your story is so moving and beautifully written , from day to day to moment to moment! I can only imagine, but know your family and the strong faith you all have. Prayers are continued for Willa and all of you. We never know His plan!! ❤️


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